General Information for Undergraduate Students (Hall Application for 2023-24)

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UG Hall Applications are assessed by a UG Hall Selection Committee based on the hall admission policies approved by the University. Applicants are selected on a number of criteria according to UG Hall Allocation Policy.

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Terms of Reference for Hall Application
  • By completing and submitting the online application form for student accommodation in the residential year, applicants acknowledge that they have read, understood, and agreed to comply with all the terms and conditions of the application;
  • Provision of false and/or incomplete information in the application form will lead to disqualification of the application including future hall application(s) and may be subject to disciplinary actions;
  • All applications will be assessed by the Hall Admissions and Selection Committee consisting of Residence Masters and student representatives based on the hall admission policies approved by the University.
  • Only online application will be accepted during the application period. The online application system will be closed at 11:59pm (HK Time) on the application period end date.  
  • All residents are required to vacate the student halls by the end of their hall offer period as stated in their hall offer letters. In addition to the normal nightly rate of hall charges, a daily penalty of HK$100 will be levied on those who fail to observe the check-out date. The cut-off time for the daily penalty is 12noon.
  • Hall Attendants will clear all personal belongings of those residents who do not check out as required in the latest check out date of the hall offer. Neither the University nor the Hall Management will be responsible for any loss or damage of personal properties arising from such uncooperative behavior.
  • Hall fee paid is non-refundable and non-transferable, regardless of the length of the stay. Residents who check out before the latest check-out time will be considered as early termination of their offered hall residence.
  • Student bed rooms are provided to the assigned residents for personal residence ONLY. Use of the student bed rooms for other purposes, such as storage or allowing other persons to stay in the room, is prohibited and the bed space of the resident concerned will be recovered and hall charges will be forfeited.
  • Trading or private transfer of hall place is strictly forbidden. All reports of trading or private transfer of hall places will be investigated and penalties will be levied on the students involved. Penalties include immediate recovery of the hall place offered, forfeiture of hall charges paid as well as further disciplinary action imposed by the University.
  • Any past residential disciplinary records will be brought to the attention of the Hall Admissions and Selection Committee for deliberation and consideration on the validity of students’ applications for UG student housing.
  • The Hall Admissions and Selection Committee has the right to disqualify applications for UG student housing without prior notification.
  • All successful applicants are required to abide by the Terms and Conditions and Rules and Regulations for Hall Residence as stipulated in the Resident’s Handbook and in SHRLO website.
Number of Hall Places & Room Types

The number of hall places available in each student hall in Residential Year 2023-24 is as follow:


Available Places


Double Room


Single Room

Single Room Double Room Triple Room Bunk Bed Room
I 554       ✔️    
II 424       ✔️ ✔️  
III 473       ✔️ ✔️  
IV 471       ✔️ ✔️  
V 460           ✔️
VI 594       ✔️ ✔️  
VII 356     ✔️@ ✔️*    
VIII 360   ✔️#   ✔️*    
IX 338   ✔️#   ✔️*    
JCH 512 ✔️^          

^ Toilets and bathrooms in Apartment-Type Double Rooms in Jockey Club Hall are shared by 8 residents

# Toilets and bathrooms in Apartment-Type Single Rooms in UG Halls VIII and IX are shared by 6 residents

@ Toilets and bathrooms in Single Rooms in UG Hall VII are shared by 2 residents

*  Toilets and bathrooms in Double Rooms in UG Halls VII, VIII and IX are shared by 4 residents



More about individual halls, please click here.

Student Groups & Residential Programs in UG Halls

There are popularly elected student groups in our student halls to organize various student activities for their hall residents. They work with Hall Tutors, Residential Life Officers, and Residence Masters to cultivate a fun, enriching and rewarding hall living experience.

  • House Students’ Associations, HKUSTSU: UG Halls I to V
  • Connection Team: UG Hall VI
  • Leadership Team: UG Hall VII
  • Organizing Teams: UG Halls VIII and IX


More information about the student groups and residential programs is available here.

Rooms & Facilities in Student Halls

Each room is air-conditioned, and furnished with desks, chairs, bookshelves, beds (no bedding), wardrobes and a mini-fridge. Common facilities include showers, toilets, common rooms with TVs, pantries, microwaves, telephones, and student card-operated washing machines and dryers.


Students can connect to the internet in their rooms through the HKUST network with a LAN cable or connecting with Wi-Fi. Starting from Residential Year 2023-24, air-conditioners and washing machines are operated by a Mobile App exclusive for HKUST hall residents. Residents will be required to download the Mobile App to settle air-conditioning and laundry payments online.

Use of Personal Data

Personal information collected from applicants will be used for the admission exercise for hall residence, related hall activities and hall residence related matters, and kept as resident records for administrative purposes.

The collected data will be kept confidential and might be transferred to other departments or administrative offices within the University if necessary. The collected data will not be transferred to outside parties unless authorized or required by law. The collected data will be purged after seven residential years. 

For further details of the University Data Privacy Policy Statement, please visit:

Financial Support

Full-time local students enrolled in either UGC-funded or self-financing courses can apply for financial aid through the Government Student Finance Office (SFO). This assistance is offered through various government schemes, which are the primary sources of financial help for most students. For more information about financial aid, please visit the SFAO's website.

Charges And Payment

Details regarding Accommodation Charges, Payment Schedule and Payment Method can be found here: