Are you a Research Postgraduate Student applying for student accommodation? Please refer to the Admission Criteria for more details on the eligibility and the admission priority. Don't forget to get in touch with us if you have any questions.
Have a look at the detailed information on the housing applications below:


Applicants who are their 3rd year or above of their HKUST RPg career as defined in the Admission Criteria are very likely NOT to be offered a bed space in 2023-24. Applicants concerned may still submit the online housing application during the application period, but should expect to arrange accommodation on their own. Information on self-arranged off-campus accommodation is available here

Terms of Reference for Housing Application
  • By completing and submitting the online application form for student accommodation in the residential year, applicants certified that they have read, understood, and agreed to comply with all the terms and conditions stated in the online housing application.


  • Provision of false and/or incomplete information in the application form will lead to disqualification of the application including subsequent housing application(s).


  • Applicants are required to submit their online housing application during the application period.


  • All residents are required to vacate the room by the end of their offered residential period as stated in their housing offer letters. A penalty of HK$100 per person per night on top of the normal daily rate of the accommodation charges will be levied on those who fail to observe the check-out date.


  • Hall Attendants will clear all personal belongings of those residents who do not check out as required and neither the University nor the Hall Management will be responsible for any loss or damage of personal properties arising from such uncooperative behavior.


  • Residents who check out before the latest check-out time will be considered as early termination of their offered residence; no refund of paid fees shall be arranged.


  • Student bed rooms are provided to the assigned residents for personal residence ONLY. Use of the student bed rooms for other purposes, such as storage or allowing other persons to stay in the room, is prohibited and the bed space of the resident concerned will be recovered and accommodation charges will be forfeited.


  • Trading or private transfer of bed space is strictly forbidden. All reports of trading or private transfer of bed spaces will be investigated and penalties will be levied on the students involved. Penalties include immediate recovery of the bed spaces offered, forfeiture of accommodation charges paid as well as further disciplinary action imposed by the University.


  • Applications for PG housing with any past disciplinary records will be brought to the Hall Admissions and Selection Committee for deliberation and consideration. This applies to disciplinary records of both applicants, as well as their spouse for the couple room application.


  • The Hall Admissions and Selection Committee has the right to disqualify applications for PG student housing without prior notification.


Rooms & Facilities

Room Types


The type of bed spaces available in each building is as follows.


Single Room
in 4-person 

Single Room
in 5-person 
Double Room
in 5-person 
Room for
Married Couple
in GGT
Double Room in GGT Single Room
TOWER A  * * *                  
TOWER B * * *                  
SKCC                *
GGT       * * *



Room Facilities

All apartments in the University Apartments (Towers A to B) are fully furnished. Residents of each unit will share a living room, an open kitchenette, a washroom and shower facilities. The kitchenette is equipped with gas stoves, a refrigerator and a microwave oven. All bedrooms and living rooms are equipped with air-conditioners.
Stephen Kam Chuen Cheong Hall (SKCC Hall) provides single bedrooms which are fully furnished and air-conditioned. Residents share communal facilities such as shower / washrooms, a common room and a small pantry on each floor. Cooking is not allowed in SKCC Hall.

Jockey Club Global Graduate Tower (GGT) provides single bedrooms, double bedrooms and rooms for married couple which are fully furnished and air-conditioned. Residents share communal facilities such as shower /washrooms on each wing, a common room and a kitchen on each floor.

More about individual buildings, please click here.

Use of Personal Data

Personal information collected from applicants will be used for the admission exercise for hall residence, related hall activities and hall residence related matters, and kept as resident records for administrative purposes.

The collected data will be kept confidential and might be transferred to other departments or administrative offices within the University if necessary. The collected data will not be transferred to outside parties unless authorized or required by law. The collected data will be purged after seven residential years.

For further details of the University Data Privacy Policy Statement, please visit: