Housing Admission Criteria for RPgs

We look forward to welcoming incoming students into housing, and ask all students to please be mindful of the university's housing admission criteria. Have a look below!



Consistent with the University's regulation, only full-time full fee paying registered HKUST Research Postgraduate (RPg) students are eligible for student accommodation offered by the University. Graduating students will have to move out from their apartments upon confirmation of program completion by the Academic Registry.

Housing application and associated offer becomes null and void once a student ceases to be a full-time full fee paying registered RPg student, and it is the student's responsibility to inform the Student Housing and Residential Life Office in writing and vacate from the student accommodation immediately. 

Students in the following categories are not eligible for student accommodation :

  1. Termination of study
  2. Program completion
  3. Leave from study
  4. RPgs with "Continuing Student" Status @
  5. RPgs with "Off-campus Study" Status
  6. Finishing RPgs with "Retention of Student" Status +

@ students may refer to the Academic Registry website for more information

+ those who have applied for retention of student status, with four weeks of non-fee-paying period, for taking their thesis examinations


Once a student's registration status falls into the above mentioned categories, any associated housing applications / offer will be adjusted / cancelled accordingly. Those who are residents of the university-arranged accommodation will be required to vacate from the room by a specified date.

Students are required to submit an on-line application during the application period if they wish to be considered university-arranged accommodation in the residential year.


PG Hall Admission Methods

All applicants will be considered and assessed in the following order:

1.  Priority Housing

RPgs in their first 2 years of RPg careers in HKUST * (guaranteed residence)

* Years of study in students' HKUST RPg career, including MPhil and PhD, is cumulative under the housing admission policy (e.g. a 1st year PhD student who have completed a 2-year MPhil program in HKUST will not be guaranteed residence); no guaranteed residence is provided for students in HKUST-SUSTC and HKUST-SZU Joint PhD Training Programs

2.  Waiting List

Applicants who do not receive a guaranteed housing offer will be placed on the waiting list. When bed spaces become available, students on the waiting list will be contacted with an offer of University housing according to their ranking* on the waiting list. 

*Ranking will be considered and assessed in the following order:
(1) In-time RPgs 
(Definition: 2 years for MPhil; 3 years for PhDs who have obtained a relevant MPhil degree prior to entering the PhD program; 4 years for PhDs who do not have a relevant MPhil degree prior to entering the PhD program)

(2) Out-time RPgs 
(Out-time RPgs are students studying beyond the period as defined as "In-time RPgs")


Applicants not receiving any housing offer but who can demonstrate exceptional need or hardship may contact the Student Housing and Residential Life Office: pghousing@ust.hk with supporting documents.


Admissions to Room for Married Couples

Rooms for married couples are available in GGT for RPg students to apply for. More information on GGT is available here.

Applicants who apply for couple rooms MUST indicate this room type as their 1st preference in their hall application form and submit the marriage certificate to the hall system within application period. Otherwise, their application for couple rooms will NOT be considered.

There are certain criteria for applying for such room type:

  • Applicant has to be eligible for student accommodation
  • Spouse of applicant has to have the right to stay in Hong Kong (eg. right to land in Hong Kong, valid visa etc.) for the entire residential period of the applicant applying for
  • Proof on legal marriage with spouse is required to submit within application period
  • Applicant can only apply for such room for self and his/her spouse; those with children cannot apply for such room type

Please contact the PG Housing Admission Team of SHRL at pghousing@ust.hk for more information.